Exciting news! I am now a brand ambassador for FODMAPPED For You. This is an awesome low FODMAP company who are dedicated to getting delicious prepackaged food to FODMAPPERs around the world. Let’s face it sometimes you just need some easy options, especially if you don’t have time to cook from scratch. 

Why do I love FODMAPPED Products?

I was first introduced to FODMAPPED products as I prepared to travel to Chile and Brazil in March 2017. Co-Founder Sam, and fellow IBS suffer, found out that I was a bit nervous about travelling through a foreign country with my multiple food restrictions (low FODMAP, gluten free, nut free & dairy free). She kindly sent me a box of low FODMAP soups and premade sauces to help make travelling easier. This meant as soon as I landed I had instant food and I was able to enjoyed a packet of their pre-made Pumpkin + Sage soup. Once I was full and content, I then was able to explore the local markets for some base ingredients, and cook delicious meals with ease using their simmer sauces. This definitely reduced my stress levels and helped keep me safe as I travelled.

 Now we have decided to join forces to spread the word about the FODMAP diet and make sure FODMAPPERs everywhere can enjoy amazing food. I love how FODMAPPED’s products are fully laboratory tested by FODMAP Friendly, so you know that they are well within low FODMAP limits, and you can safely eat them without causing digestive stress (just look for the FODMAP Friendly Certification logo). Their products are also gluten free (so great if you are a coeliac like me), and free from added artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives.

 The FODMAPPED team are dedicated to keeping us safe, and many of their team members also suffer from various gastrointestinal issues, so they understand how important portion control, ingredient selection, and product testing are for keeping us symptom free.

Where are FODMAPPED Products Available?

FODMAPPED products are currently available for purchase throughout Australia, and are available online through Amazon in the USA & Canadian markets with supermarket ranging coming very soon. Hang in there New Zealand & UK FODMAPPERs, their products will be making their way into your markets really soon too. You can find out more on FODMAPPED For You’s website. 

Why Does A Little Bit Yummy Need To Partner?

For the past couple of years, I have been working really hard to build awareness of the low FODMAP diet and to provide awesome free resources to help you love your low FODMAP life. I have huge plans for A Little Bit Yummy that will help make your lives even easier, however to turn these plans into a reality I need to partner with FODMAP focused people and organisations around the world. Without their support, I will not be able to continue to run A Little Bit Yummy, as I will have to focus my attention on getting a full-time job to support myself.

My Promise To You

I promise you that I will only promote and recommend products that I use and enjoy in my everyday life.  If you have any questions about my ambassadorship with FODMAPPED please feel free to contact me at [email protected].